NJL-S.A. is a company with several years of activity in the metal construction sector.

Its core business is in the design, manufacture and assembly of metal structures in iron and aluminum.

The facilities of NJL-S.A. have a size of 7000m2, consisting of several pavilions, equipped with means and equipment that ensure the accuracy, efficiency and excellence in meeting the needs of each client.

Our company was founded in 1995, with 10 employees. Initially, the focus of the company was on the manufacture of aluminum frames, mostly for the region where it was inserted.

The participation in the work of Expo 98 triggered the growth of NJL-S.A., allowing it to extend and develop its areas of activity in the market, starting to dedicate itself also to iron and stainless steel locksmiths.

NJL-S.A. has been investing continuously both in terms of human resources and equipment.

Currently it has 47 employees distributed in various departments (Budgeting, Human Resources, Commercial, Quality, Financial, Production) and it has the latest equipment, being technologically prepared to respond to any type of work in the field of metalworking.