Safety, a non-negotiable value in all our activities

The main goal of Workplace Safety is to ensure the prevention of occupational accidents that can cause damage to the physical and mental integrity of employees. Thus, a healthy and supportive environment is maintained for the health and well-being of all concerned, expressing a sense of care and protection.

Workplace accidents have a profound impact on the economy, public policies, industry and, above all, on the worker and his family members.

Without safety there is no production, without production we have no customers. Ensuring the safety as well as the health and hygiene of all our employees and workplaces is paramount.

These criteria can only be put into practice with the training of our professionals, for this purpose; as well as to detect the existing risks, to monitor them and to fight them with prevention.

Safety Culture

In safety, a zero is a ten: the safety of our employees is non-negotiable so we have developed a proactive safety culture based on our zero accident objective.

Developing a culture of shared safety across the company is vital to achieve our goals.

Operational process safety

We analyze the potential industrial risks of our facilities and we design specific prevention plans for each of them.

Rigorously assessing safety risks at all stages of a project or activity is the key to prevention.

We demand a high level of Safety

Prevention is a vital element. For this, we apply strict measures during the design and maintenance of our facilities, we conduct risk analysis periodically following the best international practices and we ensure adequate training of our employees.

Incident management

We promote the investigation of incidents and identification of their root causes in order to implement improvement actions and develop the lessons learned to avoid a recurrence of similar accidents.

Proper management of incidents is key to a proactive safety culture.